Homeowners in Perth who have one may all agree that their swimming pool is the most impressive feature of their backyard or other outdoor living space. It is the location where your family and friends may congregate at the end of a hard day to unwind and relax, or it can just be the setting for a peaceful chat while enjoying a glass of wine. No matter how you put your pool to use, the passage of time has a way of making even the most cherished possessions appear drab and faded. At this point, you need to spend money on a reliable company that can help you bring your pool back to life through a swimming pool renovation.


Pools Plus Fibreglass wants to make sure that your pool always looks great and is ready to help you make the most of the summer. Our company offers many different renovation services for swimming pools, such as resurfacing, tile replacement, tile repair, rebuilding pool decks, and a full renovation of an existing pool.


Because we get a lot of questions about our pool renovation services, our team has put together this Frequently Asked Questions guide to provide you with the information you need to find the answers you’re looking for. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our pool renovating crew at any time if you have any more queries or issues.


What Qualities Should I Search for in a Team That Will Renovate My Pool?

 One of the hardest things for pool owners to do when looking for a team to restore their pool is to sort through the questionable businesses and the ones that don’t have the right level of knowledge to give them the pool they want. At the first meeting you have with a potential pool contractor, there are a few things you should be on the lookout for, including the following:


Ask for references

If the contractor is hesitant to provide you with references to check or does not have any reviews posted online, this should serve as a major warning sign.


Enquire about their experiences:

What is their total amount of experience in the field? Have they already worked on pools similar to the one you’re interested in having built?

Do They Have Photographs of the Work That They Have Done Before?


Have they obtained insurance coverage?

This is very important because if something goes wrong on your property, their insurance company will hold them responsible, not you.


Keep an eye on how they behave.

 Pay close attention to the manner in which they communicate with one another, the manner in which they communicate with you, and the manner in which they respect their space. If anything about them appears odd or comes off as unpleasant, you should consider the possibility that they are not the appropriate person to work with you.

After the initial meeting, you should never commit to giving a large down payment. The first deposit required for pool construction should never be more than 20% of the total cost. If they do this, it indicates that either their firm is struggling or that they are seeking more ways to increase their cash flow in order to pay their workers or subcontractors.

 You Should Avoid Working with a Pool Company That Puts You Under Pressure to Sign a Contract Right After the First Meeting: You have every right to investigate your choices and make sure you end up with a solution that is tailored specifically to meet your requirements. When you meet with a pool company for the first time, if they push you too hard to sign a contract, this is a clear sign that they are not a very trustworthy business.

How Can I Determine When It’s Time to Replaster My Swimming Pool?

There are a number of indicators that might point to the fact that you need to repaint your pool, but the following are the most prevalent ones: 

  • When there are pits in the plaster, it is more difficult to prevent algae from forming in them.
  • The plaster has a significant number of stains.
  • The plaster is beginning to weaken, and as a result, you can begin to see the pool shell.
  • The plaster is beginning to protrude in several locations.
  • The surface of the pool is uneven and can cause abrasions to the skin as well as to bathing suits and the equipment used to clean the pool.

How Much Time Will It Take to Renovate the Pool?

The answer to this question is wholly dependent on the nature and scope of the work that has to be done on your pool. If you are simply interested in having the surface of your pool resurfaced, the process might take anywhere from five to 10 days before your pool is ready to be used again. Larger jobs, like a complete makeover or fixing the plumbing in the pool, will add a lot of extra time to your renovation.


On the other hand, our staff will walk you through the schedule for the pool rehabilitation job. You will never be in the dark regarding where the renovation project for your pool stands at any point during the process.


Is it Possible to Renovate My Pool Throughout the Winter?

Yes! Because fall and winter are often the slower seasons for pool builders, this is the best time of year to make an investment in either a pool rehabilitation or a pool renovation project because it may help keep expenses down. On top of that, during the whole summer, you won’t have to worry about missing even a single day of your allotted pool time.


The only thing that you will need to plan for, however, is the possibility that the project will be delayed as a result of severe weather such as extremely low temperatures or snowstorms (which, despite their rarity, are nevertheless capable of occuring in Texas).


Will I need to get any kind of permission or licence for my pool renovation project?



What Are Some Pool Renovation Projects That I Should Take Into Consideration?


One of the many benefits of renovating your pool is that you can add some of the newest innovations in pool maintenance and pool design. The following are examples of them, but they are not exhaustive:


Controlling various parts of your pool, such as a pool heater or your pool pump, from your smartphone may help make pool care much simpler. This technology is known as pool automation.

Swimming Pool Lighting.

 Converting your outdated pool lights to LEDs will help you save money while also making your pool a safer place to swim.

The addition of a spa will provide you and your swimmers with a relaxing spot to chill out at the end of a hard day or a pleasant spot to relax in while you watch the children play in the pool.

With an automatic pool cover that can be controlled from your smartphone, you’ll never have to stress about your pool being exposed to the elements again.

Water Features in the Pool: For example, a grotto with seats and a waterfall in the pool, as well as scuppers that help the water move and add to the pool’s look.

Raise the Bar on Your Swimming Pool to the Next Level

You can be sure that the dedicated pool professionals at Pools Plus Fibreglass will be able to help you upgrade your pool’s technology and improve its looks when you’re ready to do so. We put in a lot of effort to ensure that you get the pool of your dreams. Contact our team right away to set up a free consultation or to find out more about our pool services.