If you have a swimming pool, the area surrounding it will be the focal point of social activity, and much like the inside of your home, it will define not only your personality but also the personality and aesthetic of your pool.

If you are considering renovating a swimming pool you currently have, you should seek a pool surround that is not only useful and practical but also appealing and adaptable. This is because you will want to make the most of the space around your pool.

When it came to pool surrounds, there was very little variety available only a few short years ago, and most of them looked virtually identical. You now have the opposite problem of having to pick what to go with because there is such a large selection of possibilities available, both in terms of artificial and natural materials.

They each have their own advantages (and occasionally disadvantages), and it is up to you to choose which ones are the most essential to you in light of the way you live your life. Does the area around your pool need to be:


One that maintains their cool

Easygoing and readily available

UV resistant and permeable

It is simple to clean.


Here is a condensed and, hopefully, informative list of the most popular pool surrounds right now…

Concrete topping layer

A pool deck made of concrete overlay has a surface that doesn’t get slippery and can look like slate, stone, or wood, which are more expensive materials. It may be applied to most concrete surfaces that are in good condition to add colour, texture, and slip resistance in a variety of patterns and designs that can accommodate a wide range of personalities.

Composite Woods

In contrast to real wood, this pool surround will not crack, warp, or fade over time. Another advantage is that it does not get slippery and just takes a small amount of upkeep. Wood composite plastic, which is made from recyclable materials, does not need to be painted, sealed, stained, or waterproofed after it has been installed.

Paving slabs

You can buy slabs made of many different materials, from the more practical concrete to the more luxurious marble. Concreting is often the most affordable option. Concrete and natural stone slabs are extremely abrasive to bare feet, and they can be harmed if they come into contact with chlorinated water at freezing temperatures. Even while marble and other varieties of real stone have a stunning appearance, they are difficult to maintain and can be hazardous to walk on.


You can personalise your pool by laying down tiles in a specific pattern or design. This can be done in your pool. Tiles have a long lifespan and can survive the effects of natural elements if they are properly maintained. Ceramic and porcelain tiles, especially those that are slip-resistant and come in a variety of colours and finishes, are the most popular choice for pool surrounds since they help create a more natural appearance.

Artificial grass

With artificial grass, you can get a real-looking lawn without the dirt, mess, or need to mow it. It can also stand up to water splashes, as well as salt and chlorine. You might be surprised to learn that fake grass comes in different colours, even pink, and that it can be put on a soft, cushioned base to protect against falls.