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Offering swimming pool repairs and restoration services in and around Perth. We can renovate a wide range of different pool constructions, using our proven fibreglass membrane technology. Available in a range of different colours, we can turn the worst condition pools into backyard jewel’s. Our system is minimally intrusive and has a quick turn around period.

We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and can guarantee a hassle free experience.

Pools Plus Fibreglass are specialists in domestic renovations, as well as commercial contracts for councils, swim schools and leisure facilities.

We can tailor a renovation package to suit every requirement. including the installation of pool equipment and accessories.

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We Have Been In The Industry For Over 20 Years

With so many years experience in the industry we know fibreglass. We have decades of experience renovating and waterproofing both commercial and residential swimming pools. With a focus on high quality products designed to stand the test of time our fibreglass membranes are proven to last more than 20 years.

Our Work

We have decades of experience in the swimming pool and fibreglass industry in Perth. Pools Plus Fibreglass continue to move forward with new products to make sure we provide the best quality products and service possible!

We guarantee all projects we complete. Pools Plus Fibreglass are proud to offer a 5 year warranty on the all swimming pool renovations. Please see a copy of our terms and conditions for further details.

Renovating your swimming pool with a fibreglass membrane can be completed within 7  to 10 days from start of work, weather permitting. The general time taken from start of your restoration to finish is 7 days.

Our proven fibreglass membrane technology is easy to maintain, with less chemical usage than plaster, warmer water and a smooth surface you will wonder why you did not restore your pool years ago.

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Colour Range

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5 Year Guarantee

Against cracking, Peeling or Blackspot

The Process

The process of renovating your swimming pool with a new fibreglass membrane is a fast an efficient way of transforming your pool and the look of your backyard. Whether you have a fibreglass, concrete or vinyl liner pool the end result will be similar, a new looking pool. The key to all good work is preparation. In the process of renovating your pool the old surface is prepared using either a pressure blaster or a sander, depending on its current surface. The process of the renovation is listed below

  1. Empty water from pool & brace if required.
  2. Tarp pool to protect from sunlight and help prevent debris going into the pool.
  3. Remove water and debris from pool area.
  4. Grind if fibreglass and wash surface down.
  5. Installation of any re-modelling inclusions, such as ledges, steps or plumbing items.
  6. Prepare and repair the surface of the swimming pool and prime if needed.
  7. Fibreglass entire pool surface in conjunction with a high grade vinyl ester resin.
  8. Application of vinyl ester Fill Coat, to fill fibreglass strand pattern & pre-colour the new surface ready for the top coat.
  9. Application of Top coating, manufactured to specified choice of colour using the latest UV stabilising technologies, to give a superior & durable finish.
  10. Clean up and remove tarp.
  11. Handover.